Prickly Scorpion Bhut hot sauce

Prickly Scorpion Bhut

Prickly Scorpion Bhut: This fierce hot sauce does not disappoint, providing both flavor and heat. Created to compliment food rather then over power food. Prickly Scorpion Bhut includes some of the hottest peppers in the world, Trinadad Moruga Scorpion, Bhut Jokolia/Ghost and Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah, hitting the top of the scoville scale. This sauce contains a slight smoky flavor that has a slow building burn providing the intense smooth heat for all you hot sauce enthusiasts.

Heat level: High

Apple cider vinegar, onions, carrots, prickly pear cactus, ginger root, tomato paste, dark chocolate, super hot chili peppers (scorpion, bhut jokolia/ghost, chocolate 7 pot douglah) habaneros, salt