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Mike samfuego hot sauce about me

Welcome! My name is Mike Samphire, aka Samfuego.

Samfuego Foods is owned and operated by Michael Samphire. Mike is an inspired chef, huge foodie, and creator of Super Wicked Twisted Salsas & Habitual Hot Sauces. Working in the food industry for 25 years, it’s always been his dream to create a product that not only comes from the heart, but also nourishes the heart. Mike’s inspiration for Super Wicked Twisted Salsas & Habitual Hot Sauces comes from a visit to Sedona and the discovery of Prickly Pear Cactus, which he incorporates into all his products. He combined his attraction to the prickly pear fruit with his love for salsa and spice, and "Super Wicked Twisted Salsa" was born. His obsession for hot sauce then brought forth a "Habitual" line of hot sauces providing tons of flavor along with desirable heat.







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